Smart-er Manufacturing

All revolutionary changes start with an insigth deeply rooted in observations. Use data to make smart decisions on your plant with IoT technology

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Internet Of Things
For Industrial Data

Hardware, Software, and Cloud Services create a smooth transition for acquiring a complete integrated plant operations system from scattered automation data.

Independent Data Acquisition

Start Data Collection from Day 1

4i platform allows quick and easy connection to PLCS’s, complicated or customized SCADA systems, and the many sensors and instrumentation throughout. The 4i platform allows instant access to all the tag databases from an integrated web application.

Infrastructure Flexibility

Local Site or Cloud Connectivity

System flexibility allows you to choose the platform that works best for your application. Light, Compact, or Enterprise 4iServers allow you to build as you go, or have everything in place when an expansion is needed. The system can grow as your needs do communicating either through a 4iAgent such as the Dash, or an existing OPCAgent for ease of integration.

Operator Interaction

Powerful Apps Integrate 4i with your staff

Eliminate time waste by letting 4i generate efficiency calculations, downtime counts, and more. Using apps like Downtime, OEEasy, and Flow take all that Data and put it in the plant team’s hands allowing them to make the decisions to operate more efficiently without all the legwork.


Distributed Data Acquisition

Install independent wireless devices and software agents to link existing Sensors, PLCs, OPC Servers and Serial Devices to the platform


Centralized Administration

Control all the aspects of the platform, from PLC tags to KPIs parameters from a single web-based application integrated into the plant intranet


Business Specific Apps

Implement a complete plant floor solution, display operational KPIs and control your execution cycle with customizable apps hosted in the platform


Web-based Supervision

Build and deploy customizable web-based supervision screens with real-time values, events and KPIs to keep an eye on the production cycle,

Real World Use Cases

Robust and Flexible Architecture

4i Devices and applications can be applied to a vast range of environments and industries and provide concrete communication solutions to integrate not only the standard PLC-based tags but also those data points that are usually left behind.

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4i DOT

Installed in Automation Panel

4i Dash

Solar powered Acquisition System