Products and Components

The platform 4i is built by a combination of modular components that are designed with a focus on simplicity


Industry oriented software applications that run on tablets or touch panels and complement the data acquisition with input from field personnel.


Measure Time, Speed and Quality
Calculates and displays OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), a KPI that involves Availability, Productivity and Quality. Provides data-entries to manage shift schedules, downtime justification, product line up and quality issues


Manage line delays and downtime
Detects downtimes and allows justification using a hierarchical tree of pre-determined reasons. Manages shifts and programmed shutdowns and automatic delay justification tags. Provides Pareto-type reports and filtered event lists


Manage Line Production
Provides data entries and scanner support to manage line schedules, customized PDI, quality assessment, one-to-many and many-to-many PDO product generation and label printing


Supervises Line Variables
Collects hundreds of inputs from process and uses machine learning to determine statistic anomalies (outlier detection) that help operators and supervisors modify the operational parameters in real-time


Platform tools used to customize the applications and enhance the user experience.

Mimic Builder

Create and Share RealTime Screens
Graphical tool used to create SCADA-like screens that can be shared via web with many users. The module allows the use of HTML5, CSS3 and javascript to create modern animated displays

RT Export

Upload the internal realtime data
The module allows extracting the raw real-time data from the acquisition system to an existing relational database, allowing the use of the 4i platform as a local store-and-forward acquisition and storage service

Event Builder

Apply detection logic to your data
The module allows the programming of algorithms and rules using that use the existing tag database as inputs, enabling the creation of new tags and the detection of custom events.

Report Builder

Create tables and charts
This module enables the administratos to create custom OLAP-type reports, also known as pivot-tables, using the 4i internal database columns as variables and dimensions.

Hardware Products

Collect, process and store data from sensors, controllers and devices and host industry-specific applications
4i Server

4i Server

Local IoT server
Serves as a concentrator for data acquisition from 4i Dashes, OPC, PLC and other distributed agents. Performs the functions of administration of the architecture, data storage and application host. Light, Compact, Enterprise and Cloud versions available
4i Dash

4i Dash

Wireless IoT Gateway
Concentrate data from several 4i Dots via Zigbee, a robust wireless mesh type network. Uses store-and-forward to prevent data loses due to network instability. Transmits compressed data packets to the 4i server either local or in the cloud. UTP, Wi-Fi and GSM versions available
Spec Sheet

4i Dot

Wireless IoT Remote Unit
Interfaces with the field instruments with Digital and Analog ports and serial connections. Run on DC or with internal battery. Send data to 4i Dash using Zigbee wireless network Long Distance, Programmable, High Speed Counter versions available
Spec Sheet

4i LAC

Local Area Computer
Windows Based server used to host OPC servers or other Windows based gateway systems that link propietary protocols to the 4i acquisition platform